Tuesday, January 11, 2011

We have a Sunday

Today we had a snowday (there's still a teensy part of me that grins when I say that word.  I think it goes back to the feelings I had when I was a student).  Once upon a time in my teaching career, I was a big, big fan of the days...but now, not so much (thanks a lot, high stakes testing and "responsibilities of parenthood and home ownership").  Now, snowdays are spent doing the things that I didn't quite get to over the weekend (like clean with disinfectants). 

Earlier this afternoon, my sister (who teaches in the district where my monkeys attend) and I were projecting whether or not tomorrow would be called.  The roads haven't been cleared (at least not ours, but I didn't get out to know for sure).  The high tomorrow is 8 (without windchill).  I thought we might and she said having one day is like having just a Saturday.  I agree, if we are going to be out, then why not make it two days?  Our spring break is shot anyway.  So a little later, I got the text for the monkeys to be out.  I put my mom on monkeysitting standby and waited.  Finally, our text came that indeed we would be out tomorrow.  So now, my plan for tomorrow is not to teach my heart out all day and come home, but rather to knock out more of the "I've been meaning to do that" list (Look out random toys and books shoved under beds).