Tuesday, January 8, 2013


I feel like I had one all day long with my class.  I was pulling with all my strength toward learning, critical thinking and mastery...they were pulling toward silliness, chattyness and general wonkiness.  This is not like them at all.  They are a super class, and usually accomplish great things.  But, not today.  At all.

I started to panic at one point because all of my lessons were flopping and one never truly knows when she will be observed (even though I was a couple of days ago).  I would have definitely pulled down a 1 for student engagement (because I could not make my horses drink today), and a 1 for level of thinking (we stayed on the bottom of the hierarchy today).  If one of my teammates had waltzed into my room and offered up a movie today (tied to the curriculum, of course), I would have taken it.  But alas, that did not happen, so I plugged away (writing on behavior calendars and trying to remember I am a PBS room...maybe not so much today).  So...I'm not sure how much we got accomplished.  Now I will regroup and pray that whatever happened to my class changes overnight (that's right after I take the Cub to wrestling pictures, Scouts and the Clover to 4H).

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Proud Momma!

Wrestling tournament entry fee:  $15
Filling up the tank: $31.36
Admission for me (my DH had to stay behind due to work and he kept the Clover with him):  $3
Chinese Buffet after the tournament:  $17.80
Swagger demonstrated after the Cub placed first (he wore his medal into Walmart):  Priceless!

Today I spent the day in a hot gym because the Cubscout entered his second wrestling tournament of the season (we are kind of taking it easy this year...so instead of every weekend we are just doing 2 a month).  I don't understand why he loves this sport so much.  It seems to me that a sport in which one spends minutes at a time struggling against an opponent in the hopes of pinning him (or her...don't get me started) to the floor would not be fun.  But for him, it is.  It makes my heart happy to see him happy, so there you go.