Friday, May 28, 2010

Freebie Friday

Olay Total Effects Body Wash can be yours here. They usually send a travel size, and not just a packet. With summer vacay quickly approaching, who doesn't need a tiny body wash to pack in her toiletry bag?

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Pool is to lifeguard

as playground is to ______________

a. duty teacher
b. idiots who agree to come in early just to solve the problems of roughly 400 students
c. pseudo-nurses whose best advice is to "walk it off"
d. all of the above

If you answered "d" you would be correct. Good job. Our P.E. coach made the analogy yesterday that being on duty is about the same as life guarding. You are constantly scanning the crowd and watching. If someone goes down, you watch to make sure they pop back up. If they don't that's when you jump in. Now, if only someone would provide me a chair and umbrella I would be set.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Paging Dr. M...

For the summer I plan to open a quick care clinic in the garage. Because there is no summer school to teach and because I think I am qualified. So far, this year I have correctly diagnosed the following: head lice, ringworm, pinkeye, and now strep throat (not all of these in my own children, mind you).

Sunday, my Cubscout woke up insanely early (any time before the alarm would go off on a weekday) and yelled down the hall for me to come and check his temperature. Indeed, he did have a fever. So I gave him the standard 2 Motrin and glass of water. He quickly recovered, so we headed to a funeral of a family friend.

We spent the day with family (where he began complaining that his neck hurt) and then headed home. He woke up with a fever on Monday, and I made the call to my mom (thank you, thank you) for her to come watch him for the day (because let's be honest, a teacher can't miss a Monday on the last full week of school). I made a doctor's appointment for him and told them that I was 99.9% sure he had strep. So finally after a frantic call from my mom (102.7 degrees does call for panic) we headed to the appointment. It took all of 15 minutes for the doctor (actually, the nurse) to tell me he had strep and hand me the prescription. Did I not tell them that at 8:30? Why did he have to go in?

So my idea is to do the same job, without the appointment or copay. Granted, I won't have any "Remedy" magazines to peruse, but I would charge a lot less, and probably be right (that's the chance you would take when coming to my garage clinic).