Friday, August 17, 2012

I'm Two Days In...

and here is what I know.
  • Parents in my new school are super involved.  I mean super.  One year in old district, I went almost to Christmas Break before I received email from parents (I sent them, along with our newsletter and things).  Here, I get two or three a day.  Not even the kind that a teacher dreads opening because it's negative.  These are the, "Just checking in on so-and-so" kind.  Weird for me.  I'm pretty sure I'm not going to do any homevisits this year (yes!).
  • My new school's jeans policy rocks because now, instead of waiting for the last Friday of the month (or shelling out $5 for every charity, ever), it is every Friday.  Though, I did buy some trouser jeans because I'm not really comfortable wearing weekend wear at school.
  • School lunch has a fresh fruit bar and salad every day.  Love that!
  • I have the most experience of anyone in my building working with Autistic students (that's not saying a lot because I only have a little training and one year of Sped experience).  Today in an assembly, my heart broke when provisions for our Spectrumy guys weren't made (ear phones, preferential seating, etc.).
  • Second graders at the beginning of the year take a million times longer to do anything than you have written in your planbook.  Seriously.  How long does it take to do an assessment with the suggested time of 15 minutes? (the answer is almost 40).
  • I'm so glad it is the weekend so that I can enjoy my own children.