Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Civic Duty, Chicken Bandit(s?), Panic Attacks and Dejavu

That sums up my last 24 hours.  So let's go in order of the title. 

I voted today (it's kind of a big deals as my DH's boss is the Sheriff and he goes up for reelection every 4 years).  I left the polling place wondering...Why is it that all election volunteers are octogenarians?  Why don't people look at the ballot before they get there (it saves time if one knows for whom/what office she is voting)? Did I just cancel out my DH's vote on more than one issue?  So I have another "I Voted" sticker for my collection.

We are down 6 chickens (I know...that leaves us with 34...still too many).  But, I don't care for finding the bloody remains of chickens who walked a little too far from the coop.  I stayed around the homestead today watching for whatever is getting the chickens, but the culprit did not show himself (not that I'm too handy with the .410, but I would have made an effort).

I am one week out from Open House and there is so much to do.  So much.  My sleep has been disrupted for the last two weeks while visions of bulletin boards danced in my head.  It's not my first rodeo, but I still get butterflies.

Yesterday I spent the day in a "training" about the new math curriculum.  I think that the textbook distributors should make sure their presenters are former teachers and have a functioning understanding of the curriculum.  Just saying.  I also think that even though I'm in a new district and the faces are different, teaching is teaching no matter where it is.