Monday, February 13, 2012

Last Night

I didn't go to bed with high hopes of a day off.  I didn't do the customary flush of an ice cube.  I didn't wear my pajamas backward.  It wasn't even snowing when I went to bed (albeit early because of a full day of assisting with the running a wrestling tournament).  We have had 11 snow events this winter with a snowfall total of 0.7 inches.  So snow in the forecast doesn't really get my hopes up very high.

This morning, the alarm went off and I groggily rolled out of bed because it had started snowing and I knew I would need the extra time to make it to school.  I showered and made sure my legs were acceptable for swimming (the para who usually goes was going to be absent today).  I was running early (for once).  When I got back in my bedroom, my DH said, "Your phone has been going crazy."  Could it be?  The first text was from the Monkey's school.  Cancelled.  The next was from mine.  SNOW DAY!  The third and fourth were from friends whom I didn't text back until I got up again (around 9).

So here I am, lazing around the house because I am, well, lazy.  And I don't have to work.  Yay for the snow (and that this week will be a four day even though we have to go on Friday now).