Saturday, September 7, 2013

Answering the Call

So, I watched the "Teach" documentary today (I DVR'd it knowing that I would not be able to focus on anything aside from my pillow/bed after 7:30 last night).  It was really good.  I wasn't sure what exactly to expect.  I cheered the featured teachers on as they met the same sorts of adversity that we all do.  I waited with bated breath as they waited for the test results to come back (I hate that anxious feeling).  I cried with their students as they told them goodbye at the end of the year.  I would feel privileged to call any of those teachers colleague.  At the very end, Queen Latifah implored people to whom the documentary affected to "Answer the Calling."  That really is what this life we have chosen is.  Not just a job but who we all are at the core.