Friday, March 9, 2012

First Liebster, Then Story

Ok, a while back Melly over at Stapler's Strategies awarded me with this...

It is meant to honor up and coming blogs with fewer than 200 followers (or in my case 20).  So with all the drama and hecticness that is having a car accident, I didn't quite get around to sharing it.  Until today.  I am choosing these blogs to recognize.

Rowdy in Germany
First Grade:  California Style
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So on with the story...As you may or may not know, I work with kids with ASD (hence the contingency-style title).  Part of the package with my kiddos is that they have to be taught the hidden curriculum (stuff we neurotypical people pick up on without being told).  For example, don't say whatever comes to mind is a good rule, but one that needs to be taught.  On Wednesday after school, I got my hair cut.  I had been wearing it up in a ponytail.  A lot (not a good look for me).  So, I finally went and got a sassy stacked bob.  My hair is naturally curly and this style is worn easiest with a little mousse/scrunch action (major time saver in the a.m.).  Yesterday, I walked into my classroom and a few of my boys were already there.  One took a hard look at me and said, "Ohhhhhh Frau M., are you ok?"  I immediately thought he was talking about my sprained ankle and said, "Yep, my ankle's wrapped nice and tight."  Then he said, "No, not your ankle, you look like you were roughed up this morning."  It caught me off guard but I manage to ask, "What do you mean?"  He was concerned about my purposely messy hair.  It also makes me wonder what kind of life he thinks I lead that I might be roughed up, ever.  Needless to say, next week we're going back to the lessons on tact.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Where have I been?

Well to make a long story short, my beautiful new car was totaled on the 23rd (and I scared everyone I know).  No, no, no, it wasn't because I had it pegged out at 140 (because it could have gone that fast).  Another driver blew a stop sign and nailed me.  She hit me so hard I was propelled across three lanes of traffic.  Three lanes.  Yes, yes, yes, I'm fine.  I have a sprained ankle, but that's all.  I did get to ride in an ambulance (not exactly something on my bucket list, but hey).  My car though...the one I searched and searched for (and apparently took the dealer to the cleaners on) is history.  Cars, however, can be replaced.  I am blessed to be fine.  So that's where I've been.  I just couldn't write about it until now (without crying, and I hate to do that in front of others).  And nothing else seemed that important.  But now, look out...I have quite a few pages of my writer's notebook filled with things to tell.