Friday, July 15, 2011

Heat Wave

  Ah summer in the Midwest.  The time of year when at least one newscast tries to literally fry an egg on the sidewalk, naturally curly hair is best left curly (flat irons only work for an hour or so), and the backyard pop-up pool feels a little bit like a bath (yuck).  Every year, around the middle of July, the heat sets in.  Every year, I complain and vow to become a snowbird when I retire (17 more years).  When I was growing up, we didn't have air conditioning and during this time of the summer, we hung out at the public library (someone should do a study on whether lack of air conditioning makes better readers) and the Wal-Mart snack bar a lot (I know I am showing my age because Wal-Mart hasn't had snack bars for a long time...Subway doesn't count).  We made it through then.  Somehow, we'll make it through now (with the help of snowcones, pop ice, and more drinks than ever).

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Just when you thought

I was done with this little blogging thing, here I am (thank you to those who have complained about not having anything to read...ego boosts are super).  The last few weeks have been a little nuts.  So, here's a report (I'll do bullet points to keep it from meandering).
  • We had hail damage to our roof while we were on vacay, and it is getting replaced (thank you insurance adjuster guy).
  • Half of the painting that I started last year is finished.
  • My DH whisked me away for a romantic stay at a Bed and Breakfast that used to be a school (btw it was for our 12th anniversary).  The monkeys stayed with my DH's sister who totally spoiled them (the pool, Burger King, Wal-Mart to pick a toy, and staying up late for a movie with popcorn). 
  • I continue to study for the Praxis on July 23rd (ask me anything about PL 94-142 and I can tell you...I hope).
  • We ripped out a temporary wall in my new classroom (it just didn't make sense to have it chop the room into half when there was just so much wasted it was ugly.  The janitors love the "openness" which probably translates into easier to sweepness, but hey happy janitor = happy teacher).
  • I am (with my sister) working on VBS for my church (we are taking a break today because two days of painting signs on the floor is a young woman's game, and I am not young).
  • My DH's niece moved into our basement yesterday (even though she has a day job, it will still be nice to have a built-in babysitter in my guestroom).
Those are the highlights.  I will try to be more consistent for the remainder of the summer :)