Thursday, November 3, 2011

Eater's Remorse

I eat because I'm stressed.  I'm stressed because I eat.  My problem (although referring to Snickers as a problem seems wrong) began a few weeks ago when my family went to our local university's Homecoming parade (my DH and I are also alumni...remind me to tell you how we met some time).  There was so. much. candy. thrown to my children.  So much.  One week later, my son had a sleepover for his birthday I made sure to have plenty of candy on hand for the bash as I wasn't the one who had to stay up with the sugar-crazed attendees (can't wait until the Clover's turn).  Why we didn't use what we had already, I'm not sure.  Then, last weekend, we had our church's fall festival.  It was amazing.  Not only did my monkeys get to pet camels and baby porcupines, but also they had a serious blast going on multiple hayrides (that's what happens when your dad is the hayride operator and you have 5 hours of festival).  Included in this festival was of course a carnival where candy and more candy were the prizes (enter the 3rd shipment of sugary sweets to my house).  Then, Monday the Cubscout and Clover had their class parties (on a Monday!?).  So we're rollin in the Tootsies.  And I can't leave it alone.  The supply is seemingly unlimited so I don't feel guilty for sneaking a candy here and there until after I eat it.  Then the "why did I do that?" sets in.  For the sake of my pants, I need to get this under control.  Plus, sooner or later the kids are going to notice that although they had a lot of chocolate, they don't now.

Monday, October 31, 2011

An unannouced hiatus

Clearly, I have not been writing anything.  It's been three weeks.  In case you didn't know, I decided, for my own mental health, to take a break from blogging.  There have been so, so many times when I had a ton to write, but couldn't.  When you teach Sped, there's a lot to tell and none of which you can.  This results in breaches of confidentiality at home where I feel like I am a mess of emotions.  At a training I attended I found another teacher who lamented that her colleague was all reserved whereas she was like BLAH! (at this point she made a gesture like she was vomiting).  That's me too (in the private forum of my home).  In addition to the emotionalness of it all, there's the sheer busyness of the end of quarter and all that entails (my paperwork has paperwork that requires additional paperwork in order to complete it). On the homefront, my DH looked at me and asked, "When is life going to slow down a little so we can breathe?"  I said I didn't expect that it would as this is our new normal so we should look at it as though we aren't all that busy at all.  All that being said,  I am back and ready to share.