Saturday, February 26, 2011

What does it mean

when the highlight of your week as a teacher was probably not getting picked to be a juror during jury duty?  Yes, it was that sort of week for me (in case you haven't noticed my M.O. of not posting during less than stellar weeks).  So here's the breakdown of my whole entire week...

Monday:  Holiday :)  So it doesn't really count because who doesn't love a day of hanging out with the family?

Tuesday:  Had a meltdown at home after an incident at school.  The Cubscout's patch glued "securely" with Liquid Stitch fell off his arm roughly 20 minutes before we had to leave the house for the Blue and Gold banquet (where he had to be in his Class A uniform...with the right patches).  So, I quickly sewed it on.  By sewed it I mean I stabbed my finger no fewer than three times, and did minimal stitching (just enough to hold it on until I can sew it for real).  I don't know if you have every sewn through a patch but it is hard.  For real.  After that, everyone endured two hours of willy nilly banquet business.

Wednesday:  I had jury duty.  As I have mentioned before, my DH is in law enforcement.  It was a forgone conclusion that I would not be selected, but you still have to go.  So when the question was asked of the jury pool, "Is anyone related to someone in law enforcement?"  I raised my hand with about 10 other potential jurors.  I listened to everyone tell how their brother's wife's second cousin was a highway patrolman in Alaska (while thinking, "I have all of you trumped.").  Finally, the prosecution got to me.  I told the court that my husband was a detective.  The whole jury kind of chuckled and I heard someone whisper, "She's out."  And I was.  When we reconvened they started seating the jurors.  I was still a little nervous because, if selected, this would take me out of school for two more days.  As luck (or my definite bias) would have it, I was not selected.

Thursday:  I did had three students absent (this is odd for us).  I had a filling at the dentist during my lunch "hour", leaving half of my face a little swollen and numb for the remainder of the day.  I hate that.  My own monkeys got an early release due to the weather and I had to call my mom to make an emergency run to get them (meanwhile, the sleet fell and covered my truck).  Any sort of winter weather occurring while I am still at school makes me a nervous wreck (that's what rolling your car on the way home from school one time will do to a girl).

Friday:  I hit snooze one too many times in anticipation of the late start that never came.  I ended up being five minutes late because I didn't realize that it would take me 10 minutes to get into my vehicle (frozen shut).  I ended up getting the rear driver side door open, getting in the backseat, and climbing over the console into the driver seat.  School went by without incident.  I got home and started the flurry of cleaning necessary when people are staying with you for the weekend.  But as it ended up, they couldn't come after all, which was just as well because as soon as I hung up with my friend, the kindergartner said, "Mom, I don't feel so..."  She wasn't able to finish the sentence.

So that has been my week.  Awesome, I know.