Friday, March 16, 2012

Whew! Glad that's over!

Apparently in the scheduling world, my administrator's philosophy is "Go Big or Go Home."  Because this week was a doozy.  As in the kind of week that makes every teacher who works with kids on the spectrum cry when they get home (never at school as that's a sign of weakness that vulturelike colleagues would take advantage of).  Add that in with my already hectic life with two monkeys and their various activities and, well...
This week looked like this:
Monday:  Last day to import grades, finish data collection pages, and rushed home only to find out that one of the errands I needed to run wasn't ready to pick up.
Tuesday:  Spring pictures, Lock-down drill, tornado drill, DARE for half my caseload and the other half met with teachers from their school next year to figure out scheduling (seriously, how much can you pack into one day?).  When I got home, we went directly to Cubscouts (the pinewood derby is coming up and the Cub needs to work on his car).
Wednesday:  Taught all day, had the first night of P/T conferences, left early to go teach at the community college (a new addition to my schedule) and headed home to fall comatose into my bed. 
Yesterday:  The school had the 3rd quarter PBS assembly, on-team parties followed by reward party (the kids who don't qualify for the second one go to a room and work...fortunately all my guys qualified because really, changing the schedule that much AND making them work in a room seems like it could go poorly for me), early out and the second round of conferences.
TODAY:  We get the day off to celebrate surviving!  I just put my monkeys on the bus (perk of teaching in a different district) and am headed to the living room to watch a little daytime TV and drink a cup (or 4) of coffee.

So happy Friday to everyone!  I hope your week was great (or at least you came out relatively unscathed).

Monday, March 12, 2012

Daylight Savings Time...

is no friend of mine.  Aside from the entire, "Hey it's actually 4AM right now as you hit snooze for, what will be the first of 3 times." (running late and limping from my still sprained ankle is no picnic, btw), there are the obvious complications that come with a time change and ASD.  My guys already hated morning as is was, now add in a loss of one hour and sheesh.  There aren't words for the scene during my first hour (where we come together and get the day started).  Flophouse comes to mind.  I have several mats and bean bags outside the relaxation area (a small room with sensory lighting and pillows on the floor).  This morning the RA, and all the mats were occupied.  There were semi-comatose boys everywhere.  We made it through first hour and the shuffled off to their respective classes.  No one, came back to me for a break today, either (in retrospect, I should be concerned, or proud if I am an optimist).  Tomorrow is another day and hopefully the timechange will continue to go smoothly and all that will continue to result is tiredness.