Saturday, April 30, 2011

I just got played

There is a long standing rule in my house that the monkeys are not allowed to backsass.  I'm not saying that they don't pull out a little, "I WAS!" every now and then, but it is not very often.  All my DH has to do is pull out his serious voice, and that usually nips it in the bud.  However, that doesn't mean that they don't have other methods to let us know their displeasure without the use of a sassy voice.  For example, the Cubscout will write me a letter explaining why he is upset about a situation and leave it on my dresser.  Or more recently, the monkeys have both taken to letting out a little meow after their dad or I says something they don't like.

So last night we were getting ready to sit down for dinner (Taco night!  YAY!).  The conversation went a little like this...
Me:  What do you want to drink?  Milk or juice?
Cubscout:  Neither do we have lemonade?
Me:  Nope, milk or juice.
Kindergartner:  We wanted lemonade.
Me:  We don't have any...milk or juice?
Cubscout:  Milk, meow.
Kindergartner:  Juice, meow.

I had been noticing this trend of adding a meow when they weren't pleased for a few days.  It took me a bit to see the pattern, but it was there.  So last night I decided to say something about it.

Me:  I have noticed when you are not happy, you say meow and that sounds a little like sassiness.
Cubscout:  (Looking down)
Kindergartner:  (Smiling sweetly) Though sometimes, Meow means I love you.
Cubscout: (Looks up triumphantly and beams at his sister)  She's right, it does.
Me:  Let's try to use only English and not cat talk to express our feelings.

Later as my DH and I were in bed, we talked about what had happened and agreed that we were a little worried that the monkeys didn't even miss a beat and came up with that story when I was talking to them.  I think we may be in trouble when they become teenagers.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Tell me how you really feel

As is tradition in my class, we had Freewrite Friday today.  We took a much needed (much, much) break from revising, editing, and publishing our tall tales to write what was on our mind in the format of a poem, story or song.  The writing turned out quite nice (if I do say so myself), but my young friends did not really stray too far from their comfort zones.  There were a few acrostics about kittens and tales of defeating the latest Lego Star Wars game.  But then, we came to one of my brutally honest friends.  I love this child because everyone knows exactly where they stand with her at all times, and she not only gets sarcasm, but also uses it regularly.  Today was one of those days. 

Her freewrite piece was titled, "Almost Done." (or something similar).  In it she joyfully wrote all the things that would soon be over as we come closer and closer to summer.  In the middle of her poem she wrote, "NO MORE READ TO SELF!" right after "NO MORE REGROUPING!"

I get the feeling that Daily 5 has lost its luster/"urgency" (evidenced by the all caps and the general "let's see if she notices that I'm not reading" attitude taken on by more than one of my once eager readers).  The silver lining?  At least she didn't put "NO MORE FRAU M." in her poem.