Saturday, February 19, 2011

A different perspective

Yesterday, after I had walked my students to their "designated areas" and hugged each of them goodbye, I returned to my classroom to find I had missed a call from the elementary where my own monkeys attend.  For me, that usually means that either someone has vomited (sorry Mr. Bus Driver, I didn't believe the Kindergartner when she said she didn't feel well) or injured themselves in some way (seriously, how many ice packs can one child use during the course of the year).  So, with a little worry, I dialed the number to the school (while packing my bag in case I had to make a hasty exit). 

The secretary answered and explained why they were calling.  The conversation went a little something like...
Me:  Hi, this is the Cubscout's and Kindergartner's mom, I just missed a call from the office.
Secretary:  (with worry in her voice)  Yes, yes, we were just calling to let you know the Cubscout was involved in an incident with another student today.  He was punched hard in the stomach by a student with special needs.
Me:  Oh dear.
Secretary:  The principal wanted us to call and let you know that it will be dealt with on Tuesday.
Me:  These things happen, thanks for calling to tell me.
Secretary:  Thank you for understanding.

I'm pretty sure that secretary was expecting me to come unglued, and was really relieved when I didn't.  But, how could I when I have made that same call in the past?  The only part that really concerns me is that my Cubscout said, "It happens, I wasn't hurt and he really didn't have control of himself."  That's talk from a future public servant...not a doctor.


Sunday, February 13, 2011

Hellllllooooo Random

Sunny over at The Caffeinated Teacher tagged me with a 7 Facts award, and so I will provide you all with seven random pieces of vital information about me.  Lucky you, especially because when I'm done I am supposed to tag 15 friends with the same award/task (I really wish right now that a few of you had a blog, know who you are).

1.  I made a New Year's Resolution to give encouragement, time, or a gift to someone each day.  So far, I have had the opportunity to do it every day this year.  Although, on days when the opportunity doesn't present itself clearly to me, I just run by Aldi and put a quarter in each of the front carts so people don't have to pay the deposit (I think it still counts).
2.  I have some sort of weird contest in my head involving couponing.  Each week, I match the ads from our local grocery to the coupons I have in my box (they are all categorized and alphabetized within the categories).  Today, my bill was supposed to be $98.87, but it ended up $65.41.  I win!! Yay!!
3.  I have a touch of CDO (it's like OCD, except the letters are in alphabetical order the way they belong...see #2)
4.  I want to be a building administrator (I even have the degree and certification, just not the experience).  When I get to sit in for my building principal, I totally feel like I'm in my element.  I love it.
5.  I enjoy watching UFC fights.  I can't really explain that.
6.  Even though I said I wouldn't watch American Idol this year without Simon, I have been.  I still love it.  I also really like's commentary by Michael Slezak.
7.  Even when I was young, I knew I wanted to be a teacher.  My sister says I wouldn't ever leave school in a timely fashion.  In 5th grade, I used all my "bonus bucks" in order for Mrs. W. to let me teach a lesson about maps to my class (nerdy much?).  I loved grading so much I volunteered to do it for my 6th grade Reading teacher.

So there you have seven random things about me.  Who else would like to give it a go?  Maybe...
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I know I was supposed to tag 15, but 5 will have to do it.