Sunday, February 13, 2011

Hellllllooooo Random

Sunny over at The Caffeinated Teacher tagged me with a 7 Facts award, and so I will provide you all with seven random pieces of vital information about me.  Lucky you, especially because when I'm done I am supposed to tag 15 friends with the same award/task (I really wish right now that a few of you had a blog, know who you are).

1.  I made a New Year's Resolution to give encouragement, time, or a gift to someone each day.  So far, I have had the opportunity to do it every day this year.  Although, on days when the opportunity doesn't present itself clearly to me, I just run by Aldi and put a quarter in each of the front carts so people don't have to pay the deposit (I think it still counts).
2.  I have some sort of weird contest in my head involving couponing.  Each week, I match the ads from our local grocery to the coupons I have in my box (they are all categorized and alphabetized within the categories).  Today, my bill was supposed to be $98.87, but it ended up $65.41.  I win!! Yay!!
3.  I have a touch of CDO (it's like OCD, except the letters are in alphabetical order the way they belong...see #2)
4.  I want to be a building administrator (I even have the degree and certification, just not the experience).  When I get to sit in for my building principal, I totally feel like I'm in my element.  I love it.
5.  I enjoy watching UFC fights.  I can't really explain that.
6.  Even though I said I wouldn't watch American Idol this year without Simon, I have been.  I still love it.  I also really like's commentary by Michael Slezak.
7.  Even when I was young, I knew I wanted to be a teacher.  My sister says I wouldn't ever leave school in a timely fashion.  In 5th grade, I used all my "bonus bucks" in order for Mrs. W. to let me teach a lesson about maps to my class (nerdy much?).  I loved grading so much I volunteered to do it for my 6th grade Reading teacher.

So there you have seven random things about me.  Who else would like to give it a go?  Maybe...
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I know I was supposed to tag 15, but 5 will have to do it.

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