Wednesday, February 9, 2011

I concur

Yesterday, I saw a church sign on the way home from a day so bad that I could only really laugh (until I got home, where I cried a little).  It said, "Whoever is praying for snow...please stop."  Today was our 10th snowday this year, and 9th since returning from Christmas break (that's not counting delayed starts and early outs). This is the part of the school year that I love best (except for the "hostage situation" known as indoor recess).  It's the part where the routines and expectations are beyond established.  I can push harder, and my students always buckle down.  This year though, I feel like my students have been cheated out of this time of usual exponential growth due to the weather, and it stinks.  So whoever you are, it's not fun anymore and I too would like you to cease praying for snow.  Please.

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  1. We have a church here who has that same sign!!!!!! Loves it. I'm useless now. Seriously. I am going to grad school full time at night, and you would think I'd be uber-productive with all this time. Nope. I'm just reading more blogs and going STIR-CRAZY!

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