Friday, August 24, 2012

Who's Up for Some Shenanigans?

Normally, I would say, "Not it!" when asked.  But when said shenanigans present themselves as a nice surprise, I'm all in.

So this morning, I got up and started my routine (if I'm being truthful, I promised myself that I'd get on the treadmill after school, and hit snooze instead...but I did do my quiet time, so that counts for something, right?).  The monkeys' alarm went off, and I heard the grumbly moans of two elementary kids who are not morning people.  They came in the living room and as we were discussing breakfast options (I actually get to cook things in the morning now because of my 5 minute commute), my phone blinged the message sound.  I checked it and GUESS WHAT!?  NO SCHOOL!!!  Apparently, there is no water in town (we are on a we are safe).  It is early in the year for this.  We'll still have to make it up, but the weather is nice and we can go and do things that have been neglected this week.