Sunday, August 28, 2011

Finding Balance

Around the turn of the century, when I started my teaching career, I had a little "Come to Jesus" meeting about my classroom management and overall effectiveness as a teacher.  So instead of leaving the profession in tears (like I wanted to), I went out and bought The First Few Days of School by Harry Wong.  It is basically the best resource I have ever read for getting the school year started and setting one's class up for success.  However, it does not tell one how to be efficient in the first few days, and I so wish it did (because I could totally use the advice).  Right now, I am having a hard time finding the balance I need.  Everything feels super overwhelming.  There is so. much. to. do.  It's not just school, though.  It's school added to home that makes things hard (laundry is a lot easier to do when you haven't already put in an 8+ hour day).  I know that over time, things will even out and we will have a good routine set.  Just, it hasn't happened, yet.  For now, we will muddle through and hopefully not run out of socks and underwear.