Wednesday, July 27, 2011

My teacher voice

doesn't come out very often during the summer.  Now the "Good golly, Mom. is. mean." voice...that's another story.  But the voice reserved for serious situations rarely makes an appearance during June, July or August.  I think we all have one, so you know what I mean.  Mine, in particular can reduce people to tears without changing any decibels.  There's an intensity and a look that says, "Don't question what this woman is saying."  I had to use it the eye doctor.  Yes, the eye doctor.

It all started when the Bear was called to get his preliminary screening done.  After about 3 minutes, the assistant came and got me and said all snotty, "You are going to have to hold his head still."  It seems she was having trouble getting the glaucoma screen done (I hate that puff of air, too).  So I held his head gently while she did the first eye.  Then, it was time for the other.  He was having trouble with keeping his eye open in anticipation of the puff of air.  The assistant said, "Come on.  I have little girls who are younger than you do this all the time just fine."  My blood was already on slowburn and that didn't help.  I asked, "Can we just scrap the other eye?"  She said his reading was a little elevated.  Then she said, "If he is going to throw a fit about it then, no we don't have to do the other eye."  That's when the voice came out.  My son was not crying.  He couldn't do the other eye.  It was too much.  I said, "Hold on.  What you just said was totally unacceptable and unprofessional.  So I think we are through here, and I would like to request a different assistant."  She didn't even argue (because I was right!) and a different assistant came in.  Lo and behold, she has kids and the Bear did the test for problem.  Speaking up in defense of the monkeys is what I felt I had to do, but it was good to know for sure I didn't go soft during my days of leisure.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Who knows what panic...

lurks in the hearts of teachers.  The district back-to-school letter knows.  This is my 13th year of teaching and my 13th year of receiving the infamous letter from the superintendent with the calendar of impending doom (aka the look how many meetings you get to have! calendar).  One would think that I would get used to it.  I know summer ends but the letter makes it real.  It also sends me into a panic because my room is not physically ready for school to start.  Therefore, I spent all day yesterday  cleaning and organizing (until the Bear and Clover started shutting each other in the cabinets) .  There was bleach involved and probably around 5 giant trash bags (one thing I refuse to be at school is a hoarder...analytical arguer, yes; hoarder, no).  It is not even close to being done.  I'm not sure what system the teacher before me was using, but it is not the one I would choose.  So I changed it.  I plan to return tomorrow, after the back-to-school eye doctor appointments, and probably all of the following week ( will it get done?).  After a certain point, Tums stop working then you end up with an ulcer.  Thanks a lot reality-bringing letter.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

A Lesson

So, we are getting chickens (how's that for a conversation starter?).  Apparently, the chickens in the Holler have had a population boom, leaving my mother-in-law with 50 chickens more than she had before.  That's where we come in.  As I told you, my daughter has changed from being a Daisy Girl Scout, to a 4H Clover (where there is more of an agricultural influence).  So we said we would take 8 or 9 home next time we were there in order for the Clover to have something to raise (win-win as I see it, because who doesn't love farm fresh eggs?).  In order to keep chickens, one needs a coop.  My DH bought a book with different chicken coop plans, and we were all ready to buy the necessary supplies...until today.

After church and Chinese buffet, we stopped by Lowe's to buy the plywood, etc.  My DH pulled up on the side of the building where apparently, the store puts its returns that are too big to bring in.  He saw a returned shed (or at least the kit).  Said shed retails for $298, and was on sale for $268.  This one was marked $100.   After a brief discussion, we decided to go ahead and get the shed for the chickens because it would be easier and about the same price.  I went into pay and got an idea.  If the regular price sheds were marked down $30, then what about my returned shed?  So, I asked (right after making sure all the pieces were indeed there because it really doesn't save any money if you have to replace parts).  The manager asked me if I was planning to take it today, and I said yes.  He looked at me and said, "Done!"  So we got a $300 shed for $70 all because I asked.