Sunday, July 24, 2011

A Lesson

So, we are getting chickens (how's that for a conversation starter?).  Apparently, the chickens in the Holler have had a population boom, leaving my mother-in-law with 50 chickens more than she had before.  That's where we come in.  As I told you, my daughter has changed from being a Daisy Girl Scout, to a 4H Clover (where there is more of an agricultural influence).  So we said we would take 8 or 9 home next time we were there in order for the Clover to have something to raise (win-win as I see it, because who doesn't love farm fresh eggs?).  In order to keep chickens, one needs a coop.  My DH bought a book with different chicken coop plans, and we were all ready to buy the necessary supplies...until today.

After church and Chinese buffet, we stopped by Lowe's to buy the plywood, etc.  My DH pulled up on the side of the building where apparently, the store puts its returns that are too big to bring in.  He saw a returned shed (or at least the kit).  Said shed retails for $298, and was on sale for $268.  This one was marked $100.   After a brief discussion, we decided to go ahead and get the shed for the chickens because it would be easier and about the same price.  I went into pay and got an idea.  If the regular price sheds were marked down $30, then what about my returned shed?  So, I asked (right after making sure all the pieces were indeed there because it really doesn't save any money if you have to replace parts).  The manager asked me if I was planning to take it today, and I said yes.  He looked at me and said, "Done!"  So we got a $300 shed for $70 all because I asked.


  1. I love my chickens. They are just for eggs, as we are not into eating our pets. We haven't gotten many new chicks this year and ours are a bit older, so they don't lay as much. I am hoping to get some chicks in the fall so they will lay come spring! Happy chickening!

  2. You go, girl! All they can say is "No!" and lots of times they say "Yes!" just to get it off their hands! Glad you saved $30.00 more in this economy!