Friday, August 20, 2010

Why only spend two hours...

When you can spend two whole days? That's my philosophy apparently. Yesterday, I spent the day at my school working and chatting (that's just how I roll). So my room had a nice arrangement to it last year. I really liked it, but not enough to keep it the same way. So yesterday, I spent the day totally rearranging everything. When you do this, you also find more things that you should have gotten rid of last year, but didn't (I might be a little on the hoardy side). I would like to tell you that I am done, but then that would make me a liar. So right now, I am headed off to finish the job. That way I can focus solely on instruction next week before the kiddos arrive (and my friends can stop asking. "How's it coming?" with uncertainty in their voices).

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

My last first day

of sending a child to kindergarten was today. I felt it looming all summer long as friends asked me repeatedly (in light of policy changes), "Are your kids really going to your hometown school instead of ours?" and I replied, "I think it's better to send them to their home district." In my heart I know it is better for the monkeys (even though it is hard for me). There is not a chance that class sizes will force them to move to a new school after attending mine for their whole school careers. Our home district consistently meets AYP. Class sizes max out at 20. It is a good school district. So today, I played the role of just another mom crying in her car.

I got the kids ready and fed, then went out to wait for the 7:18 bus (not 7:15 nor 7:20). I put them on and took a picture (thanks Mr. Bus Driver for making turn around and wave). I tried to follow the bus (because I am that mom), but ended up losing it (there goes my FBI job backup plan), so I went to the school parking lot to watch and be sure they made it to school (they did of course). On one hand, it was kind of nice to be able to cry about my daughter starting kindergarten and my son starting a new school in private. On the other hand I probably could have used a few more hugs from my friends (thanks for the phone hug, BFF). Apparently, I was the only one who was sad today because when the bus returned the monkeys, they both had a little swagger in their steps (especially the kindergartner).

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

It was our last ditch effort

of enjoying summer vacation today. The monkeys start a new school tomorrow, so we declared it Have as Much Fun as You Can Day. In honor of HAMFAYCD, we set off for the big city in search of the Fun. I had already decided that I would take them to the place that makes all parents cringe (Chuck E. Cheese's). I didn't tell them where we were going and this drove them crazy (the apples don't fall far from the control freak tree). The whole way they tried to guess, but never got it (the thought of going to CEC didn't enter their minds because it has only happened once before). So finally (after a little Garmin intervention) into the lot we cruised. From the backseat I could hear them whispering, "Please let it be, please let it be." I thought about tricking them because there is an Office Depot right next door. I was going to pull up there and act like, "YAY Monkeys here we are! School supply sale here we come!" But, that is mean. They cheered when we parked.

So in we went to order our cardboard with cheese and play games, games, games. It was a good time (albeit a sensory overloaded time). Then it was off to Toys R Us for one item under $10 each (nothing says fun like a new toy). We made our purchases and headed for a stop at the teacher store where I again went into sensory overload. Then it was back to the house. Both monkeys repeatedly told me that it was a super fun day (mission accomplished). I just hope this means they will be so worn out they go to sleep almost immediately (6:30 wake-up calls aren't meant for children who stay up playing until 9:30).

Monday, August 16, 2010

Not the 23rd...yet

Here's the thing. I am in panic mode. I have been to my building exactly twice for a total of maybe 30 minutes this summer. Before you all have heart attacks while you gasp, "What is she THINKING?" let me explain. This was the last summer before the kindergartner starts, well kindergarten, and I really wanted to make it a good one (by good I mean not one day was spent watching movies on Mom's SMARTboard). We bought a a backyard pool, went to Texas, went to the water park, drank our way through the State Fair (I do love fresh squeezed lemonade), picnicked, and soooo many other things, but getting Mom's room ready was not on the list...anywhere (It's not like it was something I just didn't get to).

So now, I have exactly 10 days before 24 small people will join me on a yearlong adventure in learning and I'm not ready. That's the stuff school dreams are made of (you know the ones). In light of this, I am headed to school...just as soon as I finish my coffee and read the paper (it is still summer, afterall).