Monday, August 16, 2010

Not the 23rd...yet

Here's the thing. I am in panic mode. I have been to my building exactly twice for a total of maybe 30 minutes this summer. Before you all have heart attacks while you gasp, "What is she THINKING?" let me explain. This was the last summer before the kindergartner starts, well kindergarten, and I really wanted to make it a good one (by good I mean not one day was spent watching movies on Mom's SMARTboard). We bought a a backyard pool, went to Texas, went to the water park, drank our way through the State Fair (I do love fresh squeezed lemonade), picnicked, and soooo many other things, but getting Mom's room ready was not on the list...anywhere (It's not like it was something I just didn't get to).

So now, I have exactly 10 days before 24 small people will join me on a yearlong adventure in learning and I'm not ready. That's the stuff school dreams are made of (you know the ones). In light of this, I am headed to school...just as soon as I finish my coffee and read the paper (it is still summer, afterall).

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