Friday, August 20, 2010

Why only spend two hours...

When you can spend two whole days? That's my philosophy apparently. Yesterday, I spent the day at my school working and chatting (that's just how I roll). So my room had a nice arrangement to it last year. I really liked it, but not enough to keep it the same way. So yesterday, I spent the day totally rearranging everything. When you do this, you also find more things that you should have gotten rid of last year, but didn't (I might be a little on the hoardy side). I would like to tell you that I am done, but then that would make me a liar. So right now, I am headed off to finish the job. That way I can focus solely on instruction next week before the kiddos arrive (and my friends can stop asking. "How's it coming?" with uncertainty in their voices).

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