Thursday, August 11, 2011

Don't Stand so Close to Me

Unless you are under the age of 10, then it's ok (a little boy at Target came running up to me and hugged me once like I was his long lost friend...I was far from home so I really didn't know him, but it was still ok).  I have personal space issues.  I hate, hate, hate it when people crowd up on me in line at the store (hey lady with the cart that just bumped my ankle...scoot back).  I don't like it when people hug me to greet me.  I will give you a look (you will know if you are the recipient) if you shoulder check me for fun.  My disdain for personal space invaders is exacerbated by the heat.  So, I'd like to apologize to my fellow fair goers.  I know there is only so much space inside the 4H building, and I'm not anyone special to get more than my 2 square feet of space, but for the good of everyone, please move over...just a little.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Full Circle

In my old building, each spring and fall there would be a ginormous purge of all things unwanted.  I personally, went through each of my cabinets and evaluated the contents.  My rule of thumb is, "If I haven't used it in two years, out it goes."  That's what works for me.  I hate to hoard.  I used to be really good at it, but moving classrooms more than a few times (I like change) really changes what you value.  I do not value basals that I used as a student (in the 80's), markers that may or may not work, or anything remotely junky.  So two years ago, I moved from the trailer court (what we called the mobiles) into the building.  I was replacing a teacher who had moved out of state.  She was not as anal as me about matchy matchy baskets in the room.  So I added many of my own and took some of old out to the free table.  In particular, a really ugly yellow stacking basket.

The teacher I am replacing in my new adventure previously was in my old building.  And apparently, she picked up things off the free table.  So yesterday, as I was filling yet another bag of trash, I came across THE YELLOW BASKET!?  Some things are just meant to be yours I guess.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Oh Foreigner...

why is your song running on repeat through my head?  Oh wait, I know...I have exactly two weeks until Open House at which time my room has to be looking good (by good, I don't mean the same way the Clover makes her room look good by shoving everything in a closet).  As of today it isn't quite there.  But, the good news is that the dead smell that previously wafted through the air of my new space is no longer detectable by anyone but me (heightened sense of smell is one of my many super powers).  So, tomorrow (and probably the rest of the week), I am off to continue the work that is turning shambles to chic.  After all, it's so ur-gent (just in case you didn't know what song I meant).  And really, at this point, it is an actual emergency, too.