Monday, October 31, 2011

An unannouced hiatus

Clearly, I have not been writing anything.  It's been three weeks.  In case you didn't know, I decided, for my own mental health, to take a break from blogging.  There have been so, so many times when I had a ton to write, but couldn't.  When you teach Sped, there's a lot to tell and none of which you can.  This results in breaches of confidentiality at home where I feel like I am a mess of emotions.  At a training I attended I found another teacher who lamented that her colleague was all reserved whereas she was like BLAH! (at this point she made a gesture like she was vomiting).  That's me too (in the private forum of my home).  In addition to the emotionalness of it all, there's the sheer busyness of the end of quarter and all that entails (my paperwork has paperwork that requires additional paperwork in order to complete it). On the homefront, my DH looked at me and asked, "When is life going to slow down a little so we can breathe?"  I said I didn't expect that it would as this is our new normal so we should look at it as though we aren't all that busy at all.  All that being said,  I am back and ready to share.

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