Tuesday, January 8, 2013


I feel like I had one all day long with my class.  I was pulling with all my strength toward learning, critical thinking and mastery...they were pulling toward silliness, chattyness and general wonkiness.  This is not like them at all.  They are a super class, and usually accomplish great things.  But, not today.  At all.

I started to panic at one point because all of my lessons were flopping and one never truly knows when she will be observed (even though I was a couple of days ago).  I would have definitely pulled down a 1 for student engagement (because I could not make my horses drink today), and a 1 for level of thinking (we stayed on the bottom of the hierarchy today).  If one of my teammates had waltzed into my room and offered up a movie today (tied to the curriculum, of course), I would have taken it.  But alas, that did not happen, so I plugged away (writing on behavior calendars and trying to remember I am a PBS room...maybe not so much today).  So...I'm not sure how much we got accomplished.  Now I will regroup and pray that whatever happened to my class changes overnight (that's right after I take the Cub to wrestling pictures, Scouts and the Clover to 4H).

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  1. I hate those days, but remember they are few and far between! I figure I will have one of those next week when we are back and not totally awake in our brains! Hopefully tomorrow they are back to normal!