Monday, February 28, 2011

I'm getting an ulcer -OR-

Woman on the verge of a nervous breakdown.  Those are both the titles for this post, and also how I felt during my plan time today.  You see, about a month ago my friendly colleagues and I got the memo that the school board would be looking at our classroom websites at the board meeting (tonight).  We had a whole month to check and make everything as perfect as it can be.  A whole month.  So, that night, I went home and checked every single one of my links.  Every.  Single.  One.  Because really, when the superintendent says to jump...  I found one link that wasn't working and noticed I needed to update my calendar.  So I made a note of it and did it the very next day at school (because we are unable to log into the server from home).  The VERY next day.  A month ago.

Last week, we got a memo with the breakdown of each teacher's website, and where it needed to be fixed.  My name wasn't there.  I had already fixed everything...or so I thought.  So, imagine my surprise when today (I did mention the meeting is tonight, no?) a new list was put into our mailbox listing things that weren't working and lo and behold...there was my name.  MY NAME!?  Apparently, my links to the district website and school website weren't working.  That sick feeling in the pit of my stomach emerged almost immediately (who am I kidding?  I tend not to worry until things get really bad.).  I went straight to my classroom and pulled up Dreamweaver (yes, it is a dinosaur I'm using).  I looked at my links and went about trying to change them.  I say trying because every time I thought I had done it right, it didn't show up on the actual website (how many times can a girl hit refresh before she accepts the fact that what she did, didn't work?  Approximately 9, btw.).  So 45 minutes later (so long plan time), I finally got it fixed.  This is only after experiencing an increasingly panicky feeling (evidenced by talking to myself), saying a little prayer, and getting out my very old instructions.  But, it is fixed nonetheless, and my blood pressure has returned to normal levels.  I thought technology is supposed to make our lives easier.

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  1. Oh my, who convinced you that technology was going to make our lives easier? One might be able to make an argument for better, but not for easier.

    You sound so calm in this post. I would still be a wreck and full of shakes. I'm impressed.