Saturday, February 11, 2012

Weekend Wrap-up

Sorry I have been absent, but this week was a little on the manic side of things.  I'll break it down quickly (starting from last Friday because that's when I stopped writing).

Friday:  Cubscout home sick.  He didn't have a fever, but he said he didn't feel well.  My DH had the day off and seeing as the Cub NEVER complains about going to school (he's nerdy just like me), he was allowed to crawl back into bed.  When I got home, he started running a fever.

Saturday:  Cub was feeling better so we ran some errands in town.  However, when we got home, he started back up with the fever.  There was no wrestling this weekend because we were going out of town to visit the in-laws before we totally get disowned (my DH was assigned call-out in addition to the potential illness of the Cub).

Sunday:  The Cub sounded like he had something in his throat when he talked.  Saltwater gargling commenced (I was pretty sure he had strep, but there aren't doctors open on the weekend).

Monday:  Long day at school for me, but not for the Cub as he stayed home with my mom.  At the Doctor's office, my suspicions were confirmed and he started a 10-day round of antibiotics.

Tuesday:  I saw behaviors that I had only read about in anecdotal records.  But, one day does not a failure make.  The Cub stayed home...again. 

Wednesday:  Everyone went to school.  The Cub had wrestling practice and someone pulled the fire alarm in the locker room when the little guys went to weigh-in for Saturday's tournament.  No one would confess.  The Cub and several other boys were eliminated as suspects immediately as they were in the weightroom when it happened.  However, because they are a team, they got punished as a team.  By punished, I mean they ran and ran and ran and did pushups and did pushups and did pushups.  I felt kind of bad for the Cub because until that day he had been on the couch.  Also, at practice the other moms and I did an aerobic routine called Turbo.  It. is. hard.  I (along with everyone else) was sooooooo sweaty when we were done.  It felt great though.

Thursday:  The highlight of my week.  I bought a new to me car!  It is beautiful and shiny and FAST!  It is a Mitsubishi Lancer ES with the body style of the GTS.  I love, love, love it!  The dealership came $3,100 off the asking price (and I got a job offer as a salesman due to my hard bargain driving).

Friday:  I showed off my car to my friends, taught all day and crashed down hard (13 hours of sleep).  The remainder of this weekend will be dedicated to youth wrestling as our club is hosting a tournament tomorrow. 

So, if I don't post again tomorrow, HAPPY WEEKEND to all of you!

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