Tuesday, July 10, 2012

I Can Still See the Forest

BUT, not for long.  In a few short weeks we all will be in it (I'm just assuming that nearly everyone who reads this is a teacher as well).  I was talking to my sister before heading to my new room to work (I forgot how time consuming it is to set up a classroom from scratch).  Anyway, I said that summer vacation has two sections...slowing down followed by careening.  Slowing down is the first few weeks where we teachers sleep, laze around, possibly take a vacay, and basically just recover from 180 days of working with small people.  We are on the slow uphill of vacationing.  Then...BOOM!  We hit the summit of vacation and suddenly begin careening toward August.  That has happened to me already.  I am quietly freaking out that there is no way that I can possibly get everything that I want to do done before the 16th.  No way.  I know that I will, but it's hard to feel that when there are still 10 boxes in the middle of my classroom floor.

So far, I've settled on a few things...
Daily 5 and CAFE are a must in my room
My classroom will have a superhero theme
I'm going with PBS and a fancy behavior movement chart for classroom management
In case of apocalypse, I will not be hurting for any sort of office supply (I believe the teacher before me had some sort of supply hoarding issue).

So here's to the last few precious weeks of summer and not having to eat too many Tums.

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