Friday, June 14, 2013

Owning it

I teach in the district where I live (which happens to be in a smaaaallll town).  My monkeys are in school here.  Basically, everything we do is here.  After 14 years of being two districts away, I feel that my circle is very small.  At first, this bothered me.  But now, not so much.  I love knowing everyone.  I love that my monkeys are known.  There's something great about a small town, and well, being a townie.

So last night was the big parade.  The Clover was to be on the 4H float, and the Middle Schooler was on the wrestling float.  I didn't have to worry because I couldn't be with them both because, you know...small town.  I sat on the end of the trailer of the 4H float (with two other moms so that none of the kids fell/jumped off).  All down the parade route, I could hear kids calling "Clover! Over here!"  But in the same way, I heard an awful lot of, "Frau M!!!!"  I felt a bit like a rockstar, except, I'm pretty sure real rock stars don't wear flip flops and sit on the back of a gooseneck trailer.  I'm surprised by how many more people I know now after only being a teacher here one year (I mean, sheesh, I've lived here for 10).  I always said before this year that I was basically a Tiger (other town resident), just I lived a little far outside city limits.  All that has changed, now.  So I guess when they say, "Go big or go home," I can answer, "I am home." 

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