Friday, August 30, 2013

It's all in the cape

In my building, I sit on the Building Improvement Team.  This summer we got together and decided various things, and one of them was when the staff would be allowed to wear jeans (-or- as I like to call shave, no iron goodness).  We decided with our principal that we would use Wednesday as our day (we have an Early Release for PLC on that day).  We would smatter Fridays throughout the year with a specific theme.  At the beginning of the year meeting, our principal surprised us and said it would be every Friday (YES!!!!!!).  So we have a theme announced in the Tuesday Memo and in order to wear jeans, you have to dress with the theme.  Last week was somewhere you have been (I got a VW t-shirt at Walmart, and wore it because I went to Germany once).  Today, though, was Superhero Day.  We all had on capes and various superhero regalia.  And I think it made a difference in our overall demeanor as a building.  We laughed a lot, and had fun (even though it was 100 degrees and there was a fire drill).  The kiddos even got into it.  I heard a Kinder ask another Kinder if we were all really heroes (to which she answered, "I think yes.").  And there is something to be said for your cape flapping in the breeze (albeit balmy) during recess duty. 

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