Friday, March 28, 2014

It's ME!

Have you ever had a blog and posted on it somewhat regularly then life got crazy and the next thing you not only hadn't posted for 6 months (SIX MONTHS!?), but hadn't read anything else anyone you follow had been posting?  Well...I have, and I'm sorry.  I had so many stories to tell from the last half year, but for whatever reason, didn't.  For instance...

The time when my father-in-law fell and broke his ankle and because it wasn't healing properly the doctors found out that he had an 85% blockage in his heart and had to have a quadruple bypass.
The time when my DH and BFF totally were in cahoots and planned a super awesome birthday outing for me.
The time I danced on the stage at the theater during the New Year's Celebration (yes, it was after the show and yes it was allowed).
The time I scared everyone in my car because I drove how I normally drive (forgetting that not everyone has the same appreciation for The Fast and the Furious as I do)
The time I petitioned my principal to give me every student on the Spectrum or ED so I could not only be their case manager, but regular ed teacher as well (still working on this one).

I will try to be better about this bloggy thing.  If anything, because as time goes on, memories fade away.  There are some things that I don't remember, but when I go back and reread this blog I do.  And that is really what blogging is about to me.

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