Tuesday, June 1, 2010

I don't get it

the fascination with all things bodily function related, that is. I tell my students from the beginning there are three things that I don't do: vomit, loose teeth, and blood. Of course that is because I am an adult, and I don't care for the wiggle of teeth (or seeing them covered in blood in the palm of your hand), any injury really, nor the spill of one's previously eaten meal into my trashcan or on my floor. Yuck to the O.

However, it has been my experience that the young are drawn to these gross-out things like moths to a flame. Just today a little friend spilled his lunch and everyone, EVERYONE looked to see it on the floor. Why? I don't know.

The best story I have about this comes from my class several years ago. It was a warm spring day and one of my little friends came in looking green, and not with envy. I asked said student if he was ok, and soon as he began to answer with what would have probably been a "no," he spilled his breakfast all over the floor. There was not time to make it to the trash. The next thing I knew, as I was shuffling him to the door with a trustworthy friend, another little boy said, "Guess pancakes didn't go so good." IIRRRRRRRRK. Ok, not only did this friend look at the vomit on the floor, but he also analyzed what it was. And they ALL do it.

As for me, no thanks. I don't care to look. I will pat your back and turn the other way or help you to the nurse. But, if there is a quiz about what you ate before the illness, I am glad to say I will flunk.

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