Sunday, July 25, 2010

Annnnnnd Check!

Of the long, long list of things I want to do during the summer (I still have time to document in scrapbook form the first five years of my daughter's life, right?) VBS was right there on the top of my list. I wrote the curriculum last year, and our VBS got cancelled at the last minute. So basically, it was all ready to go in a box under my bed for the last year.

Last week, we dusted it off and put it in play. I was really glad Thursday when it was over, and everything went as planned (quite well I might add). Well, everything except starting Tuesday night's festivities in the basement hallway of my church because we were under a tornado warning (gotta love the Midwest).

So now that Jubilee Junction is o-v-e-r, I can start thinking more about school. Not that I will, I just said I can (that is if and only if I want to, which with 4 more weeks of vacay, I don't).

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