Saturday, July 31, 2010

"I hope you intend to blog about this,"

said my DH last night as we were getting ready for bed. What did he mean, you ask? He meant for me to tell the story of how some snollygoster (I kind of watch O'Reilly a lot even though my DH thinks he's too liberal) STOLE MY TRASHCAN FROM MY YARD SALE.

I bought this cute little sign with Happy Bunny on it for our driveway (it was $2.47, so I wanted to keep it close to home). Instead of putting it on top of a political sign (vote yes on the 4th question Tuesday), I turned the camper trashcan upside down and taped the sign on.

Everything was going great. I was clearing junk out of my house (even though having two children who like to keep things "just in case I need it" makes it hard. Why are they so much like me?). I was making a little spending cash. Win-win.

However, at some point during the 6 1/2 hour foray into the life of a flea market proprietor my trash can vanished. I first noticed it when I walked to the edge of the drive to add some more "merchandise." I looked down the drive, noticed the lack of a sign and said, "Hmmm that's strange." Then I walked to the end of the drive, and looked around (maybe it blew away?) and nothing. It was nowhere. Then I thought, "What on earth?!?" What was someone thinking? Was it something like, "OH look! A free trashcan that I'm sure she will never even miss. I'll just take it because isn't that what people do? Take things that are at the edge of the driveway? That's where people put the free things after all. Never mind that sign."

The good news is that the trashcan thief was good enough to rip off my sign and throw it into the middle of the street. I'm sure the tire marks will come off.

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