Sunday, August 8, 2010

I Spy with my Writer's Eye

I have taken to bringing a small seed journal with me everywhere I go. I have a regular sized writer's notebook too, but this one is small enough to put in my purse (it also small enough to fall under a chair in a conference and not be noticed until looked for in the next session...found it btw). After a summer of jotting things down, the monkeys are constantly telling me to, "put that in your blog book," or "you can tell Dad about that but not the Internet, so don't write it down."

For example, we ate at Carraba's tonight (too bad I didn't wear elastic pants, or I would have ordered dessert). On the crayon boxes that they give the monkeys for their menu books there was a joke...Where does a hamburger go to dance? The MEAT BALL! I know, very funny. It cracked up the kindergartner and Cubscout. They were giggling uncontrollably (they were also very tired from the eight million places we went in honor of the sales tax holiday. That's tax today on back to school clothes/shoes/supplies). Then, the Cubscout pulled himself together and said, "Mom, you should write that in your blog so someone else can hear the joke." It makes my heart happy as a mom and teacher to think that he is now on the lookout for good writing ideas.

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