Saturday, October 30, 2010

It's amazing

how much better one feels after Olive Garden date night (I should have bought those elastic waisted pants when I saw them), a full eight hours of sleep and two cups of coffee. All of which were needed. I came home a little, oh I don't know... fawnchie (it is a made up word meaning crabby and sassy mouthed all in one. We make words up around here all the time like "poofed" means no energy, etc.).

You see, we had our class parties yesterday which totally stresses me out. Keeping 20 or so students anywhere near on-task until the end of the day when they know there is a party is hard. By 1:45, my room was vibrating. Plus, there's the whole trusting others to plan something fun and appropriate without any knowledge that is hard for me (it only really takes one time of a parent drawing a big pumpkin on your dry erase board and handing the kiddos wet sponges to throw at/erase the pumpkin to make one wary of party games. That happened a decade ago, and it still sticks out in my mind).

We had plans to meet some friends who did work at the same department as my DH. I got the school off me and a little dressed up, and we headed out. The wait was an hour for a table, but that was ok, because we hadn't seen our friends for quite a while. We finally ate (by ate, I mean gorged ourselves on endless salad and bread sticks, that cheese fondue appetizer, pasta and dessert). My DH and I are not night owls, so after that, we headed back home to enjoy the luxury of no alarm clock.

It's just nice to wake up and not have eighty million things running through my head. Even though I know I will fire up the worry/plan/list maker later.

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