Saturday, November 6, 2010

A Good Friend

told me once that a good rule of thumb for this little blog thing I've been doing for almost a whole year (by the way, I haven't been around much this week so imagine my surprise that my blog had cross the 1000 mark...1039 to be exact. Wow, that's going straight to my head.). She said something like, "Only write about someone else what you wouldn't mind reading about yourself." I also try very hard not to make specific students the subject of a post, be too complainy, and not talk about my own kids too much. Sometimes, nothing happens during the week that passes the test. Like this week. I wrote 3 separate posts, but didn't end up publishing any. I will try to have more funny stuff this week that doesn't break the rules. I promise (how can I not, the kindergartner may or may not be allergic to Meow-meow, we have Daisies and Cubscouts, and an awesome team meeting about the math common assessment with flawed questions).

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