Monday, November 8, 2010

I wish

if took your child to the doctor and he/she said, "If this doesn't work in about two days, then come back and see me." and you had to, you only had to pay one copay. Because that would have saved our family $20 today.

Last week, I took the kindergartner to the doctor for a cough that has been going on for a while. The doctor suggested allergy medicine. It was not allergies (I know this because the medicine did not make a difference). So flash forward to today. I stayed home with her because now she had a rash on her belly and a low grade temperature. We got in to see our doctor (last time it was the on-call). Our doctor took a look at her and ordered the strep swab. My poor child came back positive and was prescribed amoxicillian and a different cough medicine (because the runny nose/cough are probably viral and the tri-fecta of Vicks/Honey Elixir and Triaminic isn't working). The doctor also said we could release the cat from the garage (where she had been quarantined, just in case she was the culprit in "the case of the mysterious allergies").

So after a lunch of McDonald's (not my choice, but hey if you've had a throat swab, then you get to pick the drive-thru) and the first dose of antibiotics things seem to be looking up.

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