Friday, November 19, 2010

Q: What did...

one math book say to the other math book? 
A:  You have problems.

One of my students read this joke during Show and Tell (Yes, yes we do it...but only on Friday.  Yes, yes I know that I am giving up the last shreds of my upper elementary upbringing by having it).  Anywho, the student who read it had no idea the double meaning the joke has taken on for me. 

You see, our math book covers things that won't be assessed on the report card until later in the year.  However, the common assessment that is given at the end of each quarter is based on the book's question generator.  What to do?  Really hit the grade card objectives for the quarter hard (can you say, "dead horse"?) OR cruise right along so your class will have covered the necessary material for the common assessment?  It's really quite the conundrum.  I have decided (I think) to forgo the appearance of brilliance (notice I said appearance) at the district level so that I know, that I know my students are able to achieve 2nd quarter objectives.  So basically, it means taking the time to teach for understanding by everyone rather than letting a pacing guide drive my instruction. 

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