Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Eating my way through December

Yesterday, on my way home from work, I said to myself, "Tomorrow you must not eat everything you see.  I know it's the holidays and all, but really...17 pieces of peppermint bark, 2 cups of puppy chow, 2 sugar cookies, and a Butterfinger Santa?  Really? All of which were washed down with a Diet Coke or 3?  It's no wonder your stomach hurts." (Yes I talk to myself on the drive).  Usually, the natural consequences are the best consequences (one actually learns a lesson from these).  Not so with holiday treats.

I came into my room this morning and noticed there seemed to be some hushed talking, nervous giggling and general awkwardness.  Then, the fabulous para in my room brought out a box of the best donuts in town and said, "We won't get to celebrate your birthday because of break, so we thought we'd do it today."  She handed me a card after passing out the treats and started the kids singing Happy Birthday.  I was touched.  I have never had a class celebrate my birthday before because we are out of school.  So, that's what started the festival of eating.  Since that time, I'm not exactly sure what I have eaten.  I do know almost all of it resides in the "fats and sugars" portion of the food guide pyramid.  All I can say is my belly is thankful for starting the break (as am I...helllllooooooo jammies).  Because, I'm pretty sure I couldn't eat one more chocolate anything, or...on second thought...Tis the season and one more piece won't hurt anything.

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