Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Top 5 Things I Have Learned Over Break

5.  I think homeschoolers may have the right idea.  It is totally fun to hang out with your kids.  We have had plenty to do and haven't watched too much TV.  Of course, we are only one week in...
4.  Spending Christmas volunteering at your church's outreach for shut-ins is an awesome opportunity to really drive the "it is better to give than receive" message home to your children.  I got a little emotional watching the kindergartner sort gifts for the gift baskets.
3.  The world will not end if I don't go up to school.  I am fully aware that I have a TON of stuff to do, but it will be there on the 3rd.
2.  If you give everyone at your table "the look" and "teacher voice" no one will dare tell the waiter it is your birthday (because they are scared).  Thus avoiding any humiliation at the hands of overzealous waitstaff.  Seriously...I don't want to wear a sombrero (it messes up my hair and everyone else has worn it...yuck-o).
1.  I don't use my left had much.  You see, on Monday, I tripped outside and got really banged up.  In fact as I was on my back writhing in pain I thought, "So this is how people freeze to death after they fall."  Long story short, I broke my ring finger.  It is taped to my middle finger.  It is impossible to type (well anyway).  This post has taken me almost an hour.  Sheesh.

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