Friday, December 31, 2010

The end is near...

***This post is courtesy of the blog I broke in May (with a little revising and editing).  Happy Blogoversary to me :)

My days of laughing (silently of course...I don't want to make him feel bad) at my husband as he staggers out of bed at least an hour before me are almost over. In just two short days, I will be the one getting up at 5:30 to get the circus train of a morning routine going (actually the monkeys don't go back until Tuesday so they won't have to rise and be made to shine). I love my job, but I wish school started at 9:00. I would even work until 4:00 and not complain during the dark days of winter. I am a dawdler by nature and getting out the door in a timely fashion is a source of stress in the morning (the Cubscout complains that I, "rush, rush, rush" too much).

Another thing I love about break is doing whatever I want, when I want. This of course refers not only to doing fun things with the kids, but snacking in the kitchen too. I know, I'm lucky because I get time off.  But, that doesn't make it any easier to get back to the grind. 

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