Friday, December 10, 2010

Sampler platter, anyone?

Jen Lancaster (author of Bitter is the New Black, My Fair Lazy, Pretty in Plaid and Bright Lights, Big A__) calls what I'm going to do Tapas, except with words.  This week was so busy.  So very busy.  Therefore, I didn't blog.  I jotted some things down in my writer's notebook, so I would remember to write about them, but just didn't get around to it.  So here are the highlights (or lowlights...depending on your standards).

I am crazy (the first step is admitting you have a problem).  Because during this insane flurry of a week, I signed up to be even busier next week by saying I would bring cookies to both the Kindergartner's Daisy meeting and the Cubscouts pack meeting.  In addition, I'm heading up the Children's Sunday School Christmas party (I actually said this months and months ago, but now it is here).

I got called for jury duty.  Ok.  That is super, except for the fact that I have to give the end of quarter common assessments (the validity of which I will not discuss, or this could very well go south and turn into a rant).  The problem is that they must be scored, disaggregated and turned in within two days.  Jury duty is the day after I give the assessments.  It is also the last full week before break.  YIKES!

Last, but not least the kindergartner had a birthday (when did she become a little girl who, by the way, asked if she could wear eye shadow to school).  She was very gracious and thankful opening her presents.  The hit of the party?  The unicorn Pillow Pet (good job Nana).  I don't get the fascination, but I'm not in kindergarten, either.

So that's it at a glance (I left out the parts where I cried).  Too much, but I know in the middle of January, I will pray for my week to go by this fast.

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  1. My second grader got a unicorn pillow pet this year and she adores it. They seem like the Cabbage Patch Kids of this generation - they're so ugly, they're cute.