Saturday, January 22, 2011

Listen to the little voice

On Wednesday, just as the first flakes of the subsequent 7 inches of snow began to swirl through the air, I was packing my bag to go home.  Gradebook, papers, Staedler pens (love them), and stickers were all carefully placed in my school sack.  I put on my coat, checked my purse for my keys/phone (I leave one or the other in my desk about once a month), and grabbed my bag.  Then, I stopped because the little voice (in my head) said, "Better grab your books and planbook, too."  So I shifted my things around and grabbed all my books to take with me.  I am so glad (even though it was really heavy).  Now I don't have to drag myself up to school this weekend to do my plans for next week.  Granted, Monday and Tuesday are planned for me because of yesterday and today, but still, I like to have it in pencil on the right days (only rookies write their plans in pen).  I was thinking that due to the forecast of yet another snowstorm on Sunday night, I will do my plans on Post-its and put them in the right square (at least for that moment).

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