Sunday, April 17, 2011

There are two kinds

of people in the world.  On one side, you have your people who get how to deal with kids.  Perhaps they have monkeys of their own, teach young ones all day, or are the favorite aunt/uncle (possibly all three like me because I am the only aunt my nephews have nearby).  On the other are the ones who see kids as...wait, they don't even really see kids, so nevermind. 

Last night, we ran into town to do some errands and reached hungry o'clock (the time when everyone becomes irritable from hunger) before we could make it home.  So we decided to eat at a local grill.  The host seated us, gave us our menus, took our drink orders and set the kids up with coloring placemats and four blue crayons.  Wait, question mark?  He handed two children four of the same color crayon?  He didn't even notice?  I glanced over at the basket and there were four colors (hence the giving of four crayons).  Luckily, my kids are pretty laid back and didn't seem to care just as long as I would play tic-tac-toe (and be the O).  But, as I said before there are two kinds.

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