Friday, April 1, 2011

What I know

Let me first start by telling everyone who is currently on Spring Break that I am jealous of your good fortune.  Yes, yes, I know I had my break (and enjoyed it very much) back during the blizzard.  But that was then.  Now, one can go outside and not get frostbite within a few minutes.  If I had been on Spring Break, I would not have toughed it out with this stupid cold and would have gone ahead to the doctor before I ended up with a sinus infection (did you know that a sinus infection feels like the worst toothache ever?).  But I digress...because my little Spring Break Envy rant has nothing to do with the title.

So today, I picked up the monkeys from my sister's classroom (she teaches where my monkeys attend, and I am so, so, so, grateful).  It was Milkshake Friday (a tradition that is now four years strong) and we made our way to the local Sonic.  While we were waiting for our shakes, the Cubscout said, "Hey mom, who would win in a fight...Darth Vader or Yoda?"  I replied, "I think it would be Yoda, because good always beats evil...why?"  Then, he said, "I was just assessing what you know about Star Wars."  That left me a little speechless.  First, what elementary kid uses "assessing"?  Maybe they all do, because I throw that word around an awful lot in my own class.  Second, has it become so much a part of the everyday routine that "assessing" is just a part of life?  What does that mean?  Too much pressure or not enough?  The one thing I do know is I was glad that it was a Star Wars assessment, and not a dinosaur one (I only really know the T-Rex).

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