Tuesday, May 3, 2011

There were times

this year when I felt a lot like I was killing math (or it was killing me...whichever).  Every morning we have done a mixed bag of review.  Every afternoon in Math Block I, we've done another mixed bag followed by a minute math drill.  I play "line quiz" (answer right and quickly or go to the end) with my young friends using facts almost every day.  Between that and phonics, there have been a number of dead horses that I continue to beat.  But today, ah today...I finally saw the fruit of our constant rigor.  Because today, as I walked around the room during Day 1 of our standardized testing, I saw mostly right answers.  I can't even begin to tell you how relieved/happy I feel.  Let's just hope this right answer trend continues into Days 2 and 3.

***Disclaimer:  The reference to drilling my students in no way means that's all we do.  We have quite a lot of (gasp!) fun...especially when it comes to writing and good read alouds.

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