Sunday, May 1, 2011

You know you are going to be busy

when you have a sitdown briefing with the DH for the sole purpose of setting up the week's itinerary.  Aside from school stress (we take our standardized assessments this week...I am fairly sure my students will rock it, but I still tend to obsess), Cubscout business, and First Friday Fun at church (I am in charge of it), we both have mothers who would enjoy seeing us on Mother's Day.  The problem comes when you take into account that his lives 3 hours away, and mine (with my dad) is leaving the country to begin a new life as a missionary at the end of the month.  Throw in that my grandma's birthday is also on Mother's Day, and you have quite the conundrum.  After running all the scenarios, we have come up with a crazy schedule that will allow each of our mothers to see us on Mother's Day and for us to give my grandma birthday wishes in person.  Whew!  It may just go down in the record books as the most creative schedule ever (or if you happen to be one of my children, it will go down as the time when Mom and Dad ran the house with military precision and made us be in the car all weekend long).

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