Sunday, May 22, 2011


I know, I know that word is totally played out, but I couldn't resist because of what happened today at the grocery.  My DH and I were discussing finances, and I mentioned that we had gotten out of practice with the use of coupons at the store.  Now, I'm no "extreme couponer" or anything close to that.  You won't find the spare bedroom stocked with enough ranch dressing and marinara to have spaghetti with salads every day until the end of time.  But, I do enjoy saving my dollars for things like shoes and new shirts.  So this week, instead of just making my grocery list from whatever tickled my fancy, I scanned the ad for sales and matched my coupons with said sales.  It took about 15 minutes.  Flash forward to cart was full (really, really full).  I got to the register and the checker began scanning.  I got that little anxious feeling in the pit of my stomach as the total surged on past my usual budget.  Then I handed over my shopper card and coupons.  Grand total saved?  $52.00.  I said, "Woohoo!", and the checker said, "Impressive." (not in a sarcastic way either).  When I got in the truck I made my DH guess the total.  He couldn't, so I told him to which he said, "Nicely played."  Maybe I should teach a class.

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